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News - Kabinwall Offers Fastfit

By Russell Thomas 16/05/2016 21:00

Interior walls for temporary buildings used to be constructed using traditional stud and plasterboard walls. While this method of partitioning is effective, it can be messy and take hours to erect – normally by two or more people – and it ends up in landfill when the building is no longer needed. With the industry now more focused on reducing waste on construction sites due to financial and environmental obligations, contractors are looking for ways to specify products for temporary structures which can be reused rather than destroyed. Portable and modular building products supplier Kabinwall has been selling its Fast-Fit partitions for 13 years now. The firm specialises in supplying dedicated components for both portable buildings, which are usually made up of units that can be moved in their entirety to other locations, and for modular buildings, which are usually permanent structures made up of a number of repeating units, such as classrooms and surgeries, for example. As an associate member of the Modular and Portable Building Association, Kabinwall supplies builders, contractors and stockists in this sector, such as Wernick Hire, AV Group and Kyoob Space. Its reusable partitions are an alternative to a traditional stud wall and this product, together with other innovative offerings, offer the industry economic, environmental and sustainable benefits. Many of the site offices, school classrooms or doctors’ surgeries it supplies partitions for can be either reused elsewhere in their entirety, or disassembled and reconfigured to fit other uses

Both portable and modular structure types can claim to be extremely green, since they are usually constructed in part or wholly in a factory. This means less onsite pollution from trades that would otherwise have been required to complete the job, and also means the build is very accurate with minimal material waste.

“By the time you’ve bought all the materials for a stud wall partition, one of Kabinwall’s ready-made ones could already be erected”


For portable construction, since the building components can be reused, energy is hardly ever wasted on demolition or rebuild. The most common argument for adopting a portable or modular building is speed of construction. “We offer a turnkey package and need to be able to tailor our buildings to our clients’ needs, quickly and efficiently,” says Richard Tankard, managing director of portable and modular builder Kyoob Space. “The smallest delay in fitting products or waiting for delivery can have a knock-on effect on a project.” According to Kabinwall general manager Paul Millington, its Fast Fit partitions are often specified when a building has to be erected quickly. “For construction sites, it is about getting offices and welfare facilities up and running as soon as possible, with the open space subdivided quickly so that operatives can start work,” he says. “In the case of a school classroom hit by flooding, for example, it’s about making sure that there’s a clean, warm building available as soon as possible so children don’t miss out on valuable learning time.” He adds that Kabinwall’s Fast Fit partitions come complete and ready to be installed, which can be within one hour of delivery. He says that installing one of its partitions can take less than 60 minutes by one person, whereas traditional stud wall construction can take hours and often involves several people. “So by the time someone has bought all the materials needed for a stud wall partition, one of Kabinwall’s ready-made partitions could already be erected,” he says. According to the firm, demand for supplying other products for portable and modular buildings came from existing customers. “Companies want to streamline procurement, so that instead of having 10-20 different suppliers, they want one source to supply everything,” says Mr Millington. “Everything we supply is designed with the portable/modular industry in mind – that is quick, easy and safe to install. We’re constantly developing products to meet these requirements.” He adds that the company is currently working on expanding its product range to include more green products, lighting and solar panels.

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As well as partitions, Kabinwall also supplies other products for portable and modular buildings, including ironmongery, electrical and plumbing components, and PVC extrusions, all of which can be swiftly ordered online Create account